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Save Our Souls 2018
Helvetia Art Foyer, Steinengraben 25, 4051 Basel

Museumsnacht Basel 18 January 2018

Outdoor: Video (loop), Nebel, Licht
Outdoor: video (loop), fog, light Museumsnacht_2 huber_huber.jpg huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_8 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_7 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_6 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_3 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht huber_huber_v2.jpg Museumsnacht_10 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_9 huber_huber.jpg Museumsnacht_4 huber_huber.jpg Bsel huber_huber.jpg